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Privacy policy

Do you have a complaint and want to report it? Or do you want to learn more about service and warranty or privacy and security? Below you can find all of the relevant information. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact our Customer Service.


MS Schippers wants to provide you with the best service possible. Nevertheless, if there are problems, we kindly ask you to report these to our Customer Service.

A complaint can be reported quickly and easily by contacting the Customer Service via the email address info@schippers.ca or by phone at (403) 786-9933.

The moment we receive the complaint, we strive to get in touch with a proper and adquate solution within 2 working days.

Service & Warranty

All the products you buy from us, have warranty. A product has to be in good condition and function properly when using it normally. If you received a product with which this is not the case, we will offer you an appropriate solution as soon as possible. Depending on the product, it will be fixed or replaced by a new product. Please contact our Customer Service for more information. You can reach our Customer Service by sending an E-mail to info@schippers.ca of call us on (403) 786-9933.

In our terms and conditions you will find more information regarding warranty.

Privacy & Security

Personal details as well as address- and email-details are treated strictly confidential and will not be provided to third parties. Sending of offers and other commercial communication shall only occur with explicit approval from the customer.

Schippers respects your personal details and will treat all personal information confidential. Information provided will be recorded in a database and only be used for deliveries and for internal administrative management. Personal details will not be provided to third parties that are not affiliated to Schippers, except when explicit approval has been given by the customer or when it is necessary for legal issues.


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Exclusion of liability:All information on this website is for personal use. It is not possible to derive rights from the available information. Changes and typing errors are allocated. We strive to keep the information on the website as complete and up to date as possible. Schippers does not accept any responsibility for damages of any kind caused by the use, the incompleteness or inaccuracy of the offered information on this website.

Availability:The information or recommendations on our website can be changed without previous warning or notification. We strive to offer you access to our website as much as possible but we don't accept any liability for possible damage caused by (temporary) unavailability.

Copyright and intellectual property:Copyright on this website is based on Schippers or third party which give permission to Schippers for the use of images and other material. Any case of duplication is exclusively allowed with a written permission from Schippers.

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