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HyCare is an renewed approach in the pig pen which delivers wonderful results. The main theme for the HyCare concept is hygiene. Animals living in healthy surroundings suffer less from disease and stress and have improved resistance. In addition, this leads to a substantial reduction of the (preventive) use of antibiotics.

HyCare Method

By now, HyCare is a proven method that puts health and animal welfare first without losing sight of the yields. This concept is based on four key pillars.

Piglet rearing (Zwartakkers trial farm)

The Zwartakkers trial farm facilitates the birth of piglets in an environment with a higher hygienic standard compared to other places. The main difference is that the various litters do not come into contact with each other and that every round starts with germ-free pens. The results of the concept are fantastic.

Pen for fattening pigs (Raamloop trial farm)

At trial company Raamloop we are testing and demonstrating the yield pen for fattening pigs. In the yield pen, all preconditions are optimised in accordance with the Hy-Care principle. This leads to high yields, low use of antibiotics and a high level of animal health.

HyCare Results

MS Schippers' HyCare method achieves impressive results in the area of improved animal well being, reduced use of antibiotics, increased food conversion and increased growth and - last but not least - higher yields. View all the results here.

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