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MS Optima Concept

MS Optima Concept

Do you want a smooth transition period with little work?

Please contact us and we will be pleased to tell you more about the MS Optima Concept.

Benefits of MS Optima Concept
  • Better health during transition period
  • Individual treatment of cows
  • Saving time and labor costs
  • Easy to install in each stall
  • Perfect guidance and support

What is the MS Optima Concept?

The MS Optima concept consists of the MS Optima Box and a Schippers additive. MS Optima Box is a self-contained system which based on electronic identification of a Schippers additive administers to individual cows for optimizing health during the transition period. Online appropriate additives can be set for the right cow. This plug-and- play system works independently of the existing management system.

Why is an optimal course of the transition period important?

An optimal course of the transition period ensures fewer health and welfare problems during breastfeeding. An optimum course demands good management and rationing measures. Each cow is different, so individual treatment is preferred. This promotes health during the transition period.

During the transition period, the cow is subjected to many changes. The cow calves down, milk production starts up and there is a change of diet. After calving almost every cow is in a negative energy balance, because demands are placed on the reserves of the cow in order to keep the milk production stable. This can be prevented by making use of the MS Optima Concept.

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