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Rat and mice control

Rat and mice control

Rats and mice can cause major disruption on a farm. They carry diseases and cause stress, and that leads to loss of production from your animals. And rodents cause damage to pipework and electrical cables. That makes good rat and mice control essential. MS Schippers has all the support materials for farmers in stock, from rat poison to mice repellents and rattraps to bait boxes for mice. In addition to all that, APC can handle your entire rodent control program for you!

Rat and mice control

  • Rats and mice are rodents, and their teeth grow continuously. That is why they have to chew constantly to keep their teeth shorter, which in turn leads to them damaging buildings and materials.
  • Rats and mice have very weak vision but their other senses, sensitivity, smell and hearing are highly developed. When moving close to walls and other objects, they can use those senses and know where they are. That makes those locations ideal for setting out bait boxes!
  • The most commonly occurring species in livestock farming are the brown and black rat and the house mouse They occur almost everywhere in the World because they can adapt to their environment quickly. And they cause disruption everywhere. They can even supplant indigenous species, in certain sensitive areas!

What can we do about a rat and mice problem?

Prevention is better than cure!

Rodents don not need much for survival, accessible shelter and somewhere to eat is sufficient. Making those places inaccessible and keeping the environment clean makes the living environment unattractive and will keep rats and mice out of the building. Wherever possible, seal off holes and cracks, clean up waste and keep feed in inaccessible and enclosed spaces.

Combatting rats and mice

Even though preventive measures should be the basis, they will not always solve the problem. That is why we recommend using a variety of control materials. Before deciding which products will be the most effective, it is important to know what types of rat or mouse you are dealing with and how big the problem is on the farm. There are chemical and non-chemical control products that can all be effective when applied properly. Would you like professional and personalised advice? Contact us and we can work out a pest control plan to suit your situation.

Type of control products

  • Poison: Using rat or mouse poison is often the first thing you think of when you are experiencing a rodent problem. Setting out poison in the proper way reduces disruption from rats and mice. Poison baits, sometimes called rodenticides, come in many forms, because a black rat reacts differently to a specific poison then a brown rat or mouse. And added colourings and flavourings will make the poison more attractive to the rodents and encourage uptake. One must choose the most suitable product to use, depending on the location and the type of rodent in question. To ensure safety in the environment, poison baits should be set out in enclosed spaces, e.g. a bait box.
  • Traps: In addition to using poisons, you can also use non-chemical products to combat mice and rats. The most well-known example is a rat or mouse trap. The advantage of these traps is that they are very effective and kill the rat or mouse immediately. But they do need more maintenance because they are only effective on one rodent at a time. Other examples of non-chemical products include electronic mouse repellents or electric rattraps.
  • Other products in our range: Besides the all the well-known rodenticides, MS Schippers has a range of other products in stock for controlling pests that cause disruption for farmers. They include the following products: cage traps, fly Control, insect control, mole traps and bird repellent

Let our professionals do the work!

APC is a team of pest control professionals, specialised in livestock farming. They handle complete pest control programs and totally unburden our clients from the worry. Click on the link below for more information or simply contact us right now!

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